The Jogan Inc Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind Jogan Inc. — a team driven by passion, expertise, and innovation. Our group of professionals brings together a wealth of experience from various industries, fostering creativity and groundbreaking ideas. With a shared vision for excellence, we collaborate tirelessly to transform challenges into opportunities, making Jogan Inc. a true leader in innovation.


Jogan Inc.’s leadership team embodies visionary expertise, dedication, and innovation. With a profound commitment to excellence, they steer the company towards unparalleled success, driving transformative solutions, and shaping a future of endless possibilities.

Professional photo of Dan Dietrich

Dan Dietrich

Chief Executive Officer

Professional image of Matt

Matt Cristiano

VP of Operations

Professional image of Ralph

Ralph Davis

VP of Business Development

Professional image of Bernie Presutti

Bernie Presutti

VP of Human Resources

Kristen Martin

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Marie Sparano Watkins

Director of Talent Acquisition

Operating Leadership

Jogan Inc.’s operations team exemplifies efficiency and precision. Fueled by expertise and a passion for excellence, they streamline processes, ensuring seamless execution and driving the company’s success with unwavering dedication.

Zane Steves

All Hands Consulting

Bernie Presutti

Aster Lane

Mike Petersen

D2 Striping

Eric Gannaway

D2 Traffic

Fred Klaas

Echo Mountain

Soraya Kim Larkin

H2 Power Co

Matt Hyder

Recoup Fitness