Empowering Tomorrow, Today.


Founded by visionary Dan Dietrich, a private equity firm revolutionizing the American economic landscape. Specializing in Hospitality, Staffing/Safety, Smart Solutions, and Health & Wellness.


To fuel growth, champion innovation, and knit communities closer with partnerships and sector-leading companies.


Dan’s investment strategy transcends traditional financial returns. He meticulously selects opportunities that promise not just financial rewards but also societal enrichment. His success formula is a blend of rigorous due diligence, in-depth market insight, and a focus on long-term value.

Sectors We Catalyze


Crafting unforgettable experiences with ventures that harmonize luxury with eco-consciousness.


Fueling innovations in workforce management and safety, enhancing efficiency and security in workplaces.

Smart Solutions

Advancing industries through software, IoT, and AI, streamlining business processes.

Health & Wellness

Championing a healthier tomorrow by supporting pioneers in medical innovation, fitness, nutrition, and holistic health.

Partnering for Success

Dan’s partnership philosophy extends beyond just capital, offering a synergy of strategic insight and operational support, guiding a portfolio of companies to not just grow, but to redefine their industries. His experienced team is dedicated to unlocking the hidden potential and scaling ventures to unprecedented heights.