Jogan Health Invests in Data Group Orderly Health to Empower Providers, Payers, and Health Tech Companies

New partnership between two leading health companies, Jogan Health and Orderly Health provides tools for payers and providers to create a more interconnected and streamlined healthcare industry.

In another move aimed at facilitating and streamlining healthcare, Jogan Health, along with Denver Angels is partnering with Orderly Health. This is a group whose mission is to create a more connected healthcare ecosystem through data and technology. The company offers providers and payers the tools to take charge of their data and use it to help enhance their services.

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The Roster Automation Suite

One of Orderly Health’s crucial tools is the Roster Automation Suite, which automates, translates, and standardizes healthcare provider data across any format. With the click of a button, providers and payers can now instantly process rosters that used to take hundreds of hours of manual labor, all without having to worry about formatting standards or the transparency and accessibility of the data. The suite helps achieve an 80-90% increase in productivity.

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Provider Directory

Along with Roster Automation, Orderly also offers subscription access to its Provider Directory, which combines real-time physician data in a transparent, comprehensive, reliable directory that organizations can use to keep their information up to date. Orderly leverages cloud technology and cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning that constantly scours data for errors, thereby maintaining a much higher level of accuracy while drastically reducing the time and cost associated with traditional manual attestation. This is especially important in a healthcare landscape where 20%-30% of provider data becomes outdated within just one year.

In simple terms, Orderly Health minimizes the hours of labor associated with roster and application processes and ensures the data procured from them is reliable, updated, and easy to access. The potential for mutual benefit is evident in Jogan Health CEO Dan Dietrich’s recent comments. 

Orderly Health’s goals benefit Jogan Health’s mission of easing managerial and technological burdens on the healthcare ecosystem. Together, our two companies have the chance to prioritize healthcare accessibility and improve the efficacy of providers and medical organizations alike.”Jogan Health CEO Dan Dietrich’s

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Orderly logo

Orderly Health is on a mission to remove the burden that inaccurate and hard-to-access provider data places on the entire healthcare ecosystem. With a comprehensive platform that offers solutions for nearly every provider data management need, Orderly provides payers, providers, and digital health companies with a single source of truth that will eliminate billions of dollars of waste annually and improve the accessibility of care across the healthcare industry.

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Temp Nurses

Jogan Health was founded on the principle of helping communities in need during healthcare staffing shortages. We delivered hospital surge staffing and public health services to medical facilities and communities all over the country. Today, we continue to put the care back into healthcare by reinventing staffing partnerships and expertly matching healthcare providers with facilities. We also provide public health services and emergency management consulting solutions. We continue to look forward and have expanded into offering innovative technological solutions to the healthcare community at large.

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Denver Angels is a private investment group of 600+ members committed to finding and investing in the next generation of great Colorado companies. Denver Angels works hard to provide more than just capital to help its portfolio companies succeed by leveraging the deep business experience, infrastructure, and resources of the Denver Angels member base.

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