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Holt International announces new board leadership following semi-annual board of directors meeting

Eugene, OR, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Holt International Children’s Services recently announced new board leadership following the semi-annual board of directors meeting held in early November. The Holt Board of Directors is a governing board with a geographically diverse group of directors representing adoptees, adoptive parents, and functional experts with experience in child welfare and […]

Jogan Health’s Investment with Nymbl Science

One step closer for the older community to take control of their lives. This investment in expanding options, such as digital balance-training assistance, will  help the older community to stop living in fear of falling or sustaining injury. Jogan Health has recently announced a new investment in digital balance-training tech company Nymbl Science. The latest in a […]

Jogan Health Invests in Data Group Orderly Health to Empower Providers, Payers, and Health Tech Companies

New partnership between two leading health companies, Jogan Health and Orderly Health provides tools for payers and providers to create a more interconnected and streamlined healthcare industry. In another move aimed at facilitating and streamlining healthcare, Jogan Health, along with Denver Angels is partnering with Orderly Health. This is a group whose mission is to create a more connected healthcare ecosystem […]